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Lavender Honey - 160mg CBD

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Ready to get a new idea of ​​what honey can be?

With its unique texture and fragrant aromas, this is the ambition of this delicious jar from the Elixir Miel CBD range.

Tasting tips:

This honey is particularly suitable for daily tasting with a spoon, as well as on delicacies such as pancakes, waffles. To taste it with a spoon we recommend that you let it melt under the tongue because of the unequaled delicacy of its texture and the very pleasant persistence of its unique fragrance. In addition, this will ensure maximum bio-assimilation.

This jar contains:

- 50g of Lavender honey harvested on the Valensole plateau in the purest traditions
- 160mg of broad-spectrum CBD extracts

That is 20€/100g of Elixir Honey preparation

Which corresponds to 15 days of daily and gourmet consumption *

* indicative duration given for 2 to 3 daily drinks. A dose corresponds to a spoon under the tongue or as an infusion.


Our engagements :

- honey harvested and produced in France
- does not contain THC (strictly 0.00%)
- unheated and non-ultrafiltered honey
- potted fresh after harvest
- immediate preparation of your order with labeling and hand packaging
- premium shipping box protecting the pots from temperature variations and transport-related shocks

Our values ​​:

- fully reusable or recyclable shipping jars and boxes
- no machinery, potting done manually with a spoon to preserve all the aromas
- Spruce wood hives from sustainably managed French forests (Lozère and Occitanie)
- Elixir Miel yellow overwrap bag protecting against rain, humidity and theft made without ink from recycled material, and of course recyclable

Conditions of storage and use of the product:

It is recommended to keep the jar honey closed in a dry place, away from light and at a temperature between +15°C and +25°C.
● At a lower temperature: the honey can crystallize. Heating it gently in a bain-marie restores its initial viscosity.
● At a higher temperature: two phases can form (liquid and crystalline), a natural process in honey linked to the inversion of sucrose. Mixing it with a spoon allows it to regain its initial appearance and consume all the constituents.

Under these conditions, the honey retains its freshness during the 2 years following its potting.
By referring to the date of minimum durability (DDM) affixed to each pot, you will know the period of two years during which the honey can be tasted optimally.

Our jars have been analyzed by the IFHA laboratory and we can distribute them in all countries of the European Union